Monday, June 06, 2005

having a rest day

It's Foundation Day's public holiday today in Western Australia... celebrating the day Captain Stirling and his crew entered the Swan region (Perth) many many years ago. Anyway I was able to sleep in today... I don't know how teachers do it, but how do you write lesson plans day after day and then have the energy to go and teach the kids?! I've finished one week of this prac, and another four days to go... really loving teaching the kids, not as excited about writing the lesson plans for each subject, and definitely not excited about having to revise for exams and also to start an assignment for LOTE. sigh!

Yesterday at church, Sante, a group from Sydney's CCC Oxford Falls came and shared and ministered. They were really awesome. I wasn't too familiar with the music, but that was the thing, it helped ignite real worship in me, not me singing words I knew to match the lyrics written, but it helped free my spirit into singing something I want to sing and say to God. I loved the experience. It was also good to catch up with Jeff Crabtree, a member of Sante... he stayed in my house in Hong Kong for a conference ages back... It's really inspiring seeing what God has done through his life to impact others.

It reminded me of what Brian Houston, from Hillsong Church, spoke about at the Leadership Rise last week. He said, "What's in your hand in your calling, it's what you do. What's in your heart is your purpose, it's what you love." and he went on to explain that often we forget about our calling, because we just want to see our purpose fulfilled. But it's actually being faithful to what you have in your hands, what you're gifted with, then and only then can it open what's in your heart. Another thing Brian said was, "Accept that God designed you the way you are." It really helped me put my priorities back into perspective. Often I strive to be someone I want to be, but the reality is, it isn't me. And reflecting it back into my teaching practices, I see so many fantastic teachers out there, and I really want to be like them, but I need to know and accept the teacher God has designed me to be.


ruthjanine said...

wow Ps Gerard gave the exact same msg about "what's in your hand" about a month or so ago. it's powerful hey.
Ann you will be an incredible teacher because you have a love for people and can see the bigger picture of why you are there and teaching them.
Being you is what attracts people.

annong said...

love you ruthy. you're always encouraging people and building them up. :)

Miss Tsang said...

yeah totally awesome..:) love your post, i envy anyone who knows thier gifts and pursue it wholeheartedly! :)

annong said...

hahahaha thanks anna for the encouragement. I was actually just thinking how weird to call teaching my gift... never ever wanted to teach... in fact dreaded it... and now doing it with my palm unclenched! hahaha weird but good!