Saturday, June 18, 2005

rote learning sucks

Finished my prac, and completed another 2 exams... another 2 more to go (finishing on Wednesday) then it's holiday!!! yay! can't wait! I can't understand after spending a semester being preached to about norm criterion testing and exams not being a good way to show students' progress, I'm now cramming for exams (and all the information read keeps popping back out!).... a good way to show how I've reflected my study units? I don't think so. And I can't believe that it's been four and a half years such I last had an exam at uni... scary!!!

Anyway during my prac I was introduced by my fellow student teachers Matt and Dave, a pretty interesting time-filler: Sudoku - the brain busting number pattern puzzle that orginated from Japan. I haven't tried it yet, but I will after exams! Sounds like a prefect game to play huddled in front of a heater on a cold day.

Congratulations to Derek & Janice who are getting married today in HK, and to Rhiana & Kaz who are getting married tomorrow in Toronto!


asha said...

Ive tried to do that sudoku thingy and its kinda fun *gasp* how can a numbers game be fun you dare ask? Well, you will just have to try it and see! Hmmm they do say small things amuse small minds.... xo

Anonymous said...

i agree with all that rope learning stuff, their teaching us not to use it, it fail to show us anything different

Anonymous said...


Thanks for linking to our site - we have just upgraded it to include easy, menium and hard puzzles each day. Hope you enjoy them!

Cheers, staff