Sunday, September 18, 2005

happy mid-autumn festival

Just want to wish everyone a very happy mid-autumn festival 中秋節快樂! It is strange celebrating a festival that is not seasonally correct here in Australia... people call it 'moon festival' here... but somehow it doesn't have the same ring to it. And I must say I do miss being able to play with lanterns and candles during the festival... I have been eating quite a bit of mooncake. I miss Wing Wah and Maxim's mooncakes - supposingly they do sell them in Perth but cost about AUD$15 per mooncake according to mom, so I had to resort to Malaysian ones this year (around AUD$6)... I did however have the most delicious tasting homemade mooncakes I had ever had (dad agrees too!) from my uncle who came over from Melbourne for a brief visit during the week. Sarah and I were thinking of 'bo lap' with the mooncake tins we have, but without Moses it just wouldn't be as fun. Had dinner with the relos on Thursday night and us cousins grilled mom about the myths and legends behind mid-autumn festival... mom was loving being the storyteller and it was great hearing all the stories again...

Other bits of Hong Kong news: Disneyland opened it's new theme park in Hong Kong this week... and congratulations to Linnet and Cliff, and Lettie and Joey!

One more week of my ATP teaching prac!!! really really looking forward to the mid-semester break and just being able to sleep in!

Had the Young Adults Social Night at The Claremont last weekend. It was a quite a funny event as we shared the floor with 2 other functions - a pirate party where everyone was decked out with bandanas, eye patches, satin shirts, swords, etc; and a uni football club function...

shell jemma and jess + bryce and kim

ann jess sharon + samn and aaron

dave and bryce + some guy james jordan

the boys relaxing + jess sharon

serg adrian + aaron and anne

partying with the pirates + jemma sarah serg

adam + simon reflecting on the night

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