Saturday, September 10, 2005

spring is in the air

This is one of my favourite 唐詩 poems.


Spring is definitely in the air! Lots of changes have been happening recently. There are a few pidgeons cooing away outside my window everyday, drives me nuts. The students at school are starting to get really rowdy, especially on a rainy day! (The other teachers reckon it happens every beginning of spring... they think it's the hormones!) The freesias in the front garden are blossoming fragrantly. The petrol prices increasing, so much so that when there is a slightly cheaper petrol station people are willing to queue up for an hour to fill up (ie: my sister Sarah). South Street seems to be having more and more roadworks...

Just finished my 4th week of ATP (my final teaching prac) and here are a few things I've learnt:

- be very careful of the songs you play to your students (ie: Students really got into Richard Marx's song 'Hazard' which we did for a listening task and decided to play it on repeat while they were doing a writing task - unbearable!)
- a whistle is a very effective tool for teaching.
- I'm not very cluey with the rules and regulations of any sport.
- I need more sleep.

Here are a few pictures from Jess Raines' 21st birthday party (a night I actually was not doing lesson plans!)

the boys in a line + kate karina aimee

stevie and adam signing the guest book

ann and aimee + nahum jojo peter ramzie seth

brendan jason jono + ramzie and erin

matty and serg + at the bar

jess r preparing to cut her cake + aaron and kate

the girls + ann and jess m

jess l + shenanigans

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Anonymous said...

ahem.. i patiently awaited good petrol... and it was worth every single drop!! mustn't forget poor sarah is on her way to broke-ness-ville with the way she is unemployed and currently a classified a "uni-bum." .. or just a "bum". :) love you doo.. hooray for one more week to go of prac!!! can't wait! :)

muah*muah*muah* go kitty-doggy!