Thursday, March 09, 2006

racial identities

I've read quite a few articles in the past few weeks about the race and ethnicity. It dawned on me that no matter how much we talk about equality and not-judging, it's always going to be around. I'm not saying it's all bad... although I am interested in hearing how people react to prejudices etc. Just tonight a friend was saying he didn't like watching asians take the mick out of themselves by looking geeky, because it's stereotyping all asians into the geeky category which is obviously not the real deal but it can appear that way. I guess the same could be said about african american and how they are often linked to hip-hop, rap and pimps... just a thought. Anyway here are a few links of articles/sites I came across recently which I found very interesting: (warning - some of the links may be quite extreme and some people may find it offensive)
- Trading Places (a reality TV show about a black and a white family changing identities for a period of time)
- Tokyo Breakfast (a comedy skit of a traditional Japanese family thinking they are black)
- All Look Same (a quiz to see if you can identify Chinese, Japanese and Koreans - I thought this was really tricky... as a Chinese I reckon I scored rather pathetically... but I guess that's the point... can you really tell the difference?)
- Crash (the multi-Oscar winning "racial drama depicting the intertwining experiences of an array of characters over 36 hours")
- This article about Paris Hilton just cracked me up... the title alone is hilarious.


annettetherocker said...

Wow Ann, that's deep. Yeah, I really have nothing to say, but I hope me commenting boosts the love meter somewhat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann, yeah that was deep. I hate racism...with a passion!I'm looking foward to that day when all of God's people of every race and nationality will come together and live in harmony with one another despite differences in skin colour. It will be wonderful. This is how I've approached the situation...I know someone is always going to look down on me because of my skin colour but I have chosen to have nohing to do with that foolishness. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God and equally important is to love others so that is what I pray God will help me do- love Him and love all people. I love Paul Colman's song Gloria. I love the lyrics about how we all walk the same earth and how beneath our skin we have the same blood flowing from our Maker's hand. I dunno about the Japanese skit though, it might have been all for humour's sake but as a black person I found it offensive...just my feelings.

annong said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I think tolerance and an acceptance and understanding of different views is very important. I do realise that not everyone agrees with the Japanese skit. However I do know many Asians esp, Japanese and Hong Kongers really love the African-American culture and would do just about anything to emulate it. I would presume that the Japanese skit was attempting to take the mick out of Japanese people for wanting to emulate the African-American image.

Dave said...

I think we all feel insecure at the core and have a need to feel significant. Racism, prejudice and the like has a lot more to do with the internal condition of a person then the outworking....that's what I think anyway

annong said...

that's so true Dave. Btw it's nice to see you commenting on my blog. Have you given up on your blog? (just wondering!)

Dave said...

No I'm up and going again. Been real lazy as you know :)