Saturday, September 09, 2006

it's springtime!

Can't believe that it's spring already. Winter didn't seem very long this year, it wasn't even that cold... It's been raining on and off for the past few weeks and often rainbows can be seen in the sky. There's something amazing about rainbows, perhaps it's the bright splash of colours against an often dull grey coloured sky that just makes me marvel everytime I see one. The new blooms are out now, tulips, lavender, azaleas etc... It's still weird seeing azaleas (杜鵑花) and cherry blossoms (梅花) blooming in season in September, as I've always associated them with Chinese New Year...

Sometimes I think we just get too caught up in our own thoughts, own worries, own issues, own world, that we forget to take time to look around us, and see what else has been happening apart from ourselves. The other day my sister came back home from work and noticed a new vase full of birds of paradise (the flowers), she stared at them and asked, 'Are those from our garden? I hadn't seen them there before!' The flowers had been growing in our front garden for the past 2 weeks!

It looks like my 5-day temp job has become so much more than a 5-day stint. I'm still working there and really loving it! The team I'm working with has also grown from just five people to 29 people within the short period of three months. My contract has been extended to the end of November and it has the possibility of extending further (more news about that later when I find out more about it) But seriously, I feel so blessed... I can now enjoy eating and shopping on Thursday nights (late night shopping - yes HKers the shops aren't always open to 9pm here!) and Saturdays without feeling like my bank account is about to go bust.

I'm feeling so pampered right now... went into the city today after driving Sarah into work... went to Myer's Kit Cosmetics and one of the ladies told me that they were doing a special promo - free hand pampering session... sold! haha My hands got a yummy grape seed scrub exfoliation, moisturised by a honey and melon smelling cream, and hot summery pink nail polish to top it all off... bliss!

Anyway currently loving:
  • Gourmet yoghurt
  • Ikea's new catalogue
  • The Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers - I'm totally addicted to her books
  • The new season of spring blossoms
  • Rainbows
  • My sister's new car
  • Kit Cosmetics - it's got some gorgeous creams and colours (to pamper my cosmetics craving)
  • Ohnamiya - a delicious japanese restaurant that serves bento
Here are some pics recently uploaded onto my computer:

new shoots sprouting outside my office + the haircut i had over two months ago (i now really need a new haircut cuz the fringe is poking into my eyes)

manon's 18th birthday party + pink azaleas outside my office

a cutest looking tree + this is where i work haha

white azaleas outside the office + clare and jess playing a soulful session of air guitar

girls' night at clares + new baby leaves


Jono said...

Well well well... Look who finally decided to update their blog... I think you might need to contact your blogging mates and let them know you have a new post cause I think everyone had given up on you writing something new by now...
You're a star. Keep shining mate

Anonymous said...

And as you go into spring, I'm entering my first Alaska fall! Already it's as cold as winter in HK! Ai ya! Enjoy the warmth as I get all ready to freeze in the snow!

annettetherocker said...

WOO HOO! New post. Cool pics.

annong said...

Hi Sarah! gosh Alaskan fall... would be pretty cool though! anyway hope you are enjoying life over there! oxox

alison said...

annong, you so cute.