Thursday, April 05, 2007

happy easter

I didn't even realise it was Easter time until last week. I didn't even notice the copious amounts of chocolate eggs and bunnies on sale... that might have been cuz I don't eat much chocolate so I don't really pay any attention to the chocolate stands... or just cuz I haven't really been to the shops recently (hmm think the latter excuse is the more viable one)

What have I been up to recently? I've been rather busy at work, so much so that it seems like my body is starting to break down haha... haven't gone to the gym in weeks, in need of making an appointment with a masseuse cuz my neck and shoulder muscles are all clumped, and seeing an optician in a couple days time to have my eyes checked cuz they have been super sore and still not able to wear my contacts. Anyway there is good news this week... it looks like I'll be stepping into a more senior role for almost 2 months as a colleague will be going away on holiday and their job needs to be filled. I'm really excited about it as it'll be a good opportunity to learn more, plus an increase to my pay can't hurt either!

Other (good) news this week:
- It was the last Youth for Term 1 last Friday and it was a cowboy and indian dress up night... it was lots of fun! Loved how so many people actually turned up with their themed outfits!
- I no longer have to borrow Kym's hand cream as I got love attacked from the east coast and received a tube of the same yummy smelling stuff myself! (love you jie jie)
- Nate and Amy got engaged! congratulations!!! so excited for those two :)
- My brother will be flying over from Sydney for the Easter holidays.
- Clare and Nathan organised a dinner party to help raise funds for Water Aid... what a great night... I had the biggest plate of chicken cacciatore... good company... lots of laughter included (in particular a sms prank!)
- Accelerate just started this week. My church has just begun a more detailed study of the Christian belief and practice on weeknights. I'm really looking forward to learning more... the studying, taking notes et al kindda reminds me of uni... gotta love that!
- My friend Brendan is now officially a fighter pilot. Some of us Mounts Bay Crewbies (aka my connect group) were able to attended the graduation ceremony which included fighter jets flying in formation and and acrobatics display. The Dominator and I sat through the ceremony not really understanding what half the ceremony was about, so we had fun making our own interpretations. (Memorable moment: Dom and the red gravel... ask him about it!)

clare made me a paper headdress + edwin, sam, joe and rachel

jack, ramzie and sprout

yummy hand cream + andrea, brendan, ann and dom at the graduation


Transient Drifter said...

Love seeing the old school Whence He Came shirt in one of your pix :) Sounds like you're busy as always. Have a lovely day!

annong said...

sarah, yeah it's one of my proud HK products... often will have people ask me about what Whence He Came means too! it always makes me miss HK... as for me being busy... definitely have my moments... I'm only showing the busy moments but often I'm just chilling at home! miss you!

eastjoker said...

N! Thanks for your comment.. time for both of us to get excited about JOBS it seems (ho yay..), hope your eyes are gettin better. Happy easter!

Clare O said...

jack is so f***ing cool.

best kid out.

I can't wait to see what he does to the world, amazing person, right there.

can't get over it!