Tuesday, April 10, 2007

easter - a weekend full of bunnies

Easter has come and gone... my church had multiple services over the weekend, including four for Good Friday. I thought there was something really powerful about the Good Friday services... communion was being served up at the front of the stage while the band was playing; the songs sung were beautiful; the jigsaw visual worship was mesmerising; the dance was incredible; the artworks and videos displayed in the foyer were very sensory; the image that I couldn't forget was seeing a cross made out of twine totally covered with notes that people had written their prayers on... it just made me think just how much we crave to connect with God.

On a much less spiritual side of Easter (more like the weekend)... my brother came back home for the weekend and brought back two boxes of Krispy Kreme... yummo original glazed doughnuts! I didn't consume much chocolate this Easter, but I did manage to consume a mini Lindt bunny. My cousin has the Nintendo Wii, so we went over to her house and played Rayman - a game full of animated bunnies! Yes I played on the Wii... it was truly a sight to see! Annette came over to my house on Monday and brought two of her aunt's baby rabbits... they were so small and cuddly. My sister was cooing after them the whole afternoon!!

the good friday service

krispy kreme + cute lil bunnies

other bunnies... the chocolate type and computer game type

Anyway currently loving:
- State of Georgia - a clothing range which Lari and I are currently drooling over, in particular the green peacoat.
- Autumn - the most beautiful season (ever!)


Transient Drifter said...

Oh! Krispie Kreme is the best! Sadly there aren't any here, but there is not one too far from where my family is in Oregon, and they're also opening a new Ikea there this summer so I can't wait for that when I'm back in Oregon!

Anonymous said...

i love Krispy Kreme...it's very delicious. Hey..I played Rayman game also. One of my homegroup members took it in my home to play. I really enjoy it.

eastjoker said...

Hey Ann:) There's a Krispy Kreme copycat over here that's more popular than the Krispy Kreme itself! It's called JCo and a lot of people prefer it instead because their glazies are less sweet than Krispy Kreme's. A friend of mine, a Krispy Kreme patriotic, thinks it's a bit of an injustice and while he was here for semester-break holiday he would occassionaly go to the quiet Krispy Kreme store just to support them. Heheh.

annong said...

hey tin tin... actually I don't really eat doughnuts... just kindda liked the Krispy Kreme ones... sweets aren't really my thing... i'm willing to give most things a try though... so when I'm next in Indo will have to check out JCo.