Tuesday, July 24, 2007

july happenings

July has been and gone and it seems that so much has happened. Job-wise... Term 2 ended and my team continued to plough through the huge task of putting all our work together to present them online. We worked super hard and somehow miraculously we got them up online before our deadline - day one of Term 3. Now that one deadline has been completed another mammoth task has begun... guess that's life... you may stop but the world around you does not. And I'm still in my acting position... not too sure how much longer I'll be in the position for, but for now it's been a blessing financially and also a major learning curve for me... hurts my brain. The Youth leadership changed hands at the beginning of the term... Matt and Chelsea are now leading and Paul and Bec will be focusing more on Paul's worship pastoral role and looking after their family. It has been a really smooth and supported transition... and I am anticipating for new and amazing things to happen through and at Youth.

What else happened in this busy month... here are some of them: My red pony aka car finally got its dent fixed so now it's all pretty again... The choir in the church album recording got called in twice during the school holidays to re-record the sound as the mics during the recording picked up more than just the choir's sounds making the editing rather muddy. It was really fun and what a priviledge to sing and serve with so many talented people, I got to learn so much more about recording and by the end of the re-recording we were all much more aware of how our voices get projected and how it should be presented. Big props to the sound technician and our choir directors for being super sensitive and picking up on what needed to be altered... It was Shannon's birthday and she invited a bunch of girls for high tea at her house. Wow it was amazing! There were tonnes of homemade cupcakes, shortbread, sandwiches, canapes and lots of girly time... My cousin gave birth to a baby girl called Kimberley, we're now all cooing relatives!... It has been a long time since going to the Llama Bar on a Thursday night but a bunch of us decided to check out the super talented band Spy. I loved the jazz/ fusion style, and I had totally forgotten how much I loved the sound of the bass. We were also graced by the legendary drummer Tony Royster Jr who made an unexpected appearance at the club and even played 2 songs with the band and just basically wowed the entire audience... Josh Dunjey officially joined the 2x10 club and had a group of us over to his house for a delicious home cooked 3-course meal! Yum and it was complete with freshly made meringues and birthday lollies!... My friend Kelly got engaged in Toronto to her boyfriend Pat of over 5 years! Congratulations!

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Currently loving:
- the best paper aeroplane flying game... you don't even have to use paper or get paper cuts...
- succulent wreaths... I would love one of these... they probably last longer than the 'lucky' bamboo on my work desk which has managed to go yellow! guess I'm no green finger.
- hot lemon honey water... I managed to develop a rather sore throat over night which is only feeling worse at the moment.

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LM said...

Ann!!! I like your paper aeroplane thingee too! hahaha. After many attempts, it finally flew out of the window and flew 67.856m!!! Global Rank 302,812. hahahahaha. so mo liu.