Monday, July 02, 2007

mercy ball

I planned to go to the Mercy Ball with some of my connect group members, but then as the date grew closer people began to pike out... luckily the Saturday before the actual event I found someone who was interested in joining my small party of three... in the end we went as a group of five - Karen, Tania, Jodie, Glen and myself. The night was spectacular... we were welcomed by angels at the entrance, the ballroom looked incredible, the guests were all gorgeous, the food delicious... There were performances by Roma Waterman and little dancers from Footprintz, Paul Morrison and his band who launched his new album that night, James Morrison the amazing jazz musician, and Todd Johnson and his band. The night was to help raise money for Mercy Ministries... everyone pitched in... participating in the silent auction, purchasing balloons and boxes, the actual auction, Paul's CDs etc... simply amazing!

click the image for more pics from the mercy ball

Currently loving:
- Transformers... what a great movie! total 80s flashback... and I wouldn't mind a hot yellow car like that.
- that I finally finished knitting the scarf that I started last year.
- Paul Morrison's new album "Pictures Not Taken"... that man is super talented!

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Clare O said...

YAY for mercy!

I'm going to go next year as I will have a dress that doesn't make me look like I am twelve years of age!

How good is Morro's new album?... ahhh, so good!