Thursday, September 04, 2008

abc with a new twist

A team at my work pinned this up on one of the noticeboards recently and it made me realise how visual our society has become and also just how many technology icons I have been in contact with in my daily life. Reckon you know this set of ABCs? I'm still at lost with a few of them... help anyone?

A = Apple
B = Blogger
C = Coldfusion
D = De-li-cious
E = EBay
F = Firefox
G = Gimp
H = Hot Potatoes
I = Internet Explorer
J = Java
K = Klub Penguin
L = Linux
M = Moodle
N = Napster
O = Open Office
P = Picasa
Q = Quicktime
S = Secondlife
T = Twitter
U = USB aka Universal Serial Bus
V = Vista
W = Wikipedia
X = XP
Y = Yahoo
Z = .ZIP


manching said...

Is it "M" for "Master"?

Clare O said...

M is for Moodle.. program used by tertiary institutions to upload notes and notices and stuff specific to the course the students are in.. clever program, but really ugly. :P

dav said...

my dad says g is for gimp... i checked it out, the doggie looks similar but not exactly the same. what do you think?

dav said...

i found it!!!! ho ging ar hahahaha c stands for coldfusion! link here:

and i also checked gimp icons out on google images and yeah, i found the dog that looks the same.

yay! you have the full a-z now!!!

annong said...

wow thank you clare and davina, and even manching for taking an interest in helping me complete this set of ABCs!!!! yay! really appreciate it. oxox