Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the september update

Wow I didn't realise so much has happened this month until I uploaded my photos from my camera (there were plenty of birthday celebrations)...apart from the photo evidence, what else has happened in September...
  • We celebrated Father's Day (Australia's day for dad's is in September) for my brother... which was a sad but positive occasion.
  • Been adjusting to life without my gong gong at home and having to visit him at a nursing home instead.
  • Had the opportunity to be on stage with my connect group on a Sunday evening service discussing the topic of evangelism... I love my connect group and we normally share and talk so much, but guess being on stage in front of hundreds of people made it rather daunting and the conversations just did not flow as easily... although afterwards I did have some positive feedback... phew! so it wasn't all for nothing.
  • Even more personally... I finally gave into applying for a credit card... I now own one which I find very scary, as I get scared enough just using EFTPOS... sometimes swiping the bit of plastic I lose all track of my money-sense... gulp! Guess it's a good start for me to get even smarter about my money situation.
  • I will be going travelling for seven weeks starting in mid-November till the beginning of the new year... bought the tickets... now in the midst of sorting out visas and accomodation. Finally going to be travelling overseas after being on the big island since July 2005! It's been way too long. I can't wait for the adventures to begin! yippee!!!

happy birthday hayley, jeremy, erin and eli

mooncake + annette's amazing birthday cake made by jemma

a cardboard cut-out pirate + annettte the birthday girl

at the hertime 'mamma mia' event - complete with greek guitarists, lanterns, tapas and the girls performing dancing queen

at the art gallery + syl and nat cheering on my cousin eve

More pics from September click here & more HerTime pics to be uploaded soon...

Currently loving:
- Sex God by Rob Bell... loved the book... has made me think about how connected we are to one another, and how we are made to be sexual beings and to be connected to God.
- 白蓮容月餅 white lotus paste mooncake... still weirded out that it's not mid-autumn when we celebrate 中秋節 here in the southern hemisphere... guess just have to settle calling it 'Moon Festival'.
- paper lanterns... they just make me smile... and seeing how amazing they looked at the HerTime event made me want to decorate my garden full of them (somehow I doubt that's going to happen though)
- Electric Feel by MGMT... very catchy tune
- searching for places to visit on my trip... esp pit-stops for food and clothes...

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