Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the august update

Images captured in August...

Youth at Riverview

At the semi-finals of the wheelchair basketball league - wheelcats vs roller hawks...

Early spring blooms at home... my tribute to dad's hard work in the garden

I made raspberry swirl cheesecakes with oreo bases... and they were very yummy so I made some more

Sarah Gerlach came over to Perth to visit her family and we caught up over dinner; I knitted a scarf for my sisterinlaw and I even added pompoms... quite an achievement; On a shopping excursion Brisa spotted this gorgeous accessory... how could we not purchase it?!; and I got to meet for the first time my cousin's son Josiah when the two were in Perth for one short week.

More pics click here

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WenDee said...

OOh, Annie, can I have your recipe for the raspberry cheesecakes please?