Monday, September 13, 2010

toronto - part one

I've been in Toronto for one week and already I have eaten so much food!!!! From the moment I landed into Toronto after my hideously long day of travel from Wellington (almost 24 hours long) I have been pretty much eating non-stop. I can not get over how much cheaper food is over here than in Perth. Our currencies are currently almost one-to-one with each other so the contrast is very evident.

Apart from eating tonnes I have been trying to do as much sightseeing as possible... as well as catching up with friends.

On Wednesday (8th Sept), I tagged along with Kel to the Rogers TV studio, one of TO's local cable channels for a taping of a live show. Kel's friend Sam was invited on the show to talk about the clothes she designs and have models display her collection as well as Kel's jewellery. One of the models pulled out last minute and Sam needed someone to help fill in the position asap so I was asked to help model! haha I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, how I looked, etc... but I ended up on the local tv show twice in a short span of 5 mins! haha my short moments of fame and bad modelling! It was definitely an experience I will never forget.

I attended my friends Dan and Veronica's wedding over the weekend in Orangeville (an hour west of Toronto), at an old mill. Kel and I had no idea what we had got ourselves in when Kel signed us up to help with the setting up and "wire flowers to trees"... the task we soon discovered on arriving to help set up that morning was much different than expected... nevertheless we somehow, though we still aren't quite sure how it happened, managed to create an exceptionally professional-looking floral centerpiece for the reception. The wedding turned out beautifully... there were handmade and homemade touches throughout the entire wedding giving it a very warm and personal feel... the weather was lovely for the outdoor ceremony... the food at the reception was deliciously cooked by Ezra Title and his team.. the rain kicked in and we all went indoors where we were treated to a dessert buffet, followed by more food and plenty of drinks and dancing. What a great night. The celebrations was completed by a post-wedding brunch at a nearby bakery. What a fantastic way to spend a weekend.!

Some of the things I'm loving about Toronto:
- street signs
- shops are open till much later (something Perth desperately needs to improve on)
- so many places to explore
- Toronto International Film Festival... there's a buzz of celebrities in town for this famous film festival
- variety of food... products and restaurants
- Distillery District

Things I've discovered about this city:
- Toronto used to be called York... hence that is why there are districts/ suburbs with York associations such as York Mills, North York, Yorkville, Yorkdale, York Quay, etc.
- They love their hockey... so much so they even made it into a musical on film!
- Maple syrup goes on everything...
- Their universities have orientation day parades which are quite a big deal, even the police and ambos get involved... I managed to see the Ryerson Orientation Parade block up Yonge and Dundas.

This week I will be attending a few of the TIFF films... looking forward to them very much. Thank you Kel and Kevin for lining up at 4:30am to get these tickets!

alison, liz and i + at the rogers tv studio

shelves of maple syrup at st lawrence market + the designers kelly and sam

poster of the hockey musical + our floral centerpiece

Pics from Dan and Veronica's wedding:


Veronica said...

Ann, your centrepiece was incredible. You and Kelly exceeded any notion I had of what it would look like!!! I'm so happy you were able to join us for our day!

PS - Maple syrup is best on bacon ;)

Trish Dunnett said...

Glad you are having a great tme. Loved the model pose. Envious of your fabulous trip when I'm home proofing ministerials, but you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hows jp and yoshi?