Monday, November 22, 2010

europe - part four (moscow & berlin)

MOSCOW: Known to the locals as Москва́, this is the capital city of the Russian Federation. I planned and planned this trip, I mean I had the visa readied before I left Perth which seemed like an eon ago and had a Russian friend recommend me places to stay and places to visit... but yet nothing else seemed to be finalised till a few days beforehand. All the places that were probably better for my bank budget looked like they were a little further away from the city centre, so I decided to splurge (as a birthday treat to myself) and stayed in a small boutique hotel smack bang in the heart of the city. I'm so grateful I made that choice because with most of the touristy spots in the city centre, my inability to speak any Russian except for 'thank-you', 'yes' and 'no', plus my tendency to just get lost, well let's just say staying downtown was a very good thing. I was lucky to have seen the city as it started to snow, and boy did it look pretty!

At the Kremlin, on top of the Ivan tower as it starts to snow.
The amazing collection of gems and other baubles at the Diamond Fund.
The metro stations... each one is different and they all look like ballrooms with some serious soviet designs on them.

BERLIN: The capital of Germany has gone through so much in the past century and the history of just the last 60 years is enough to make your head spin. The city is full of life and has got tonnes of very creative building designs. There was so much to see and so little time... well gotta make sure I still have things to see for my next visit.

Catching up with my friends who I met in Munich.
The East Berlin pedestrian traffic lights.
The locals call the tall TV tower the 'disco ball asparagus'
Christmas markets opened!!!

Finally managed to upload pics from Munich:

And here are the pics from Moscow & Berlin:

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