Monday, June 28, 2004

heading off to Sydney...

Here's some random mish-mash...

I'm going to Sydney tonight. It's going to be pretty exciting! Will be there for just over 2 weeks. Going to be staying at my brother's place in the city for a week before meeting up with the Hong Kong gang to go to the Hillsong conference together... woohoo living in the city will be lots of fun!

hmm... I forgot to mention that last Saturday was Riverview's live worship recording for its latest CD recording called Encounter. It was a really awesome experience to be able to worship for over two hours with the whole church. And on Tuesday night the church and pastor Phil were in an interview on the ABC in a program kindda like 60 minutes. The interview was pretty positive and was talking about church and the modern world and perhaps the two can actually be compatible.

As I've been reading Purpose Driven Life, I've been learning about life applications. Man I tell you it's been really tough for me. Some of the issues the book has been discussing have been issues that I thought I had dealt with in my life but somehow have crept back up again. And being the stubborn person I am, I tried to ignore it till God prodded me so hard I had to give in. It's been an interesting experience for me. To be humble (IMHO) means being squished to a pulp, trying to gasp for a breathe of air and wonder what had happened. Then only to find out that the whole time the focus is not supposed to be on myself but others. And I still have so much to learn! sigh!

I'm excited about the 180 forum being back online.

Anyway, I'm going to miss Rachel. When I return from my 2 week holiday, she'd have flown back to South Carolina. She's been an amazing friend, full of insight, wisdom, encouragement and tonnes of joy... gosh and I think we just yap on and on every time we chat, sometimes at bubble tea sessions, over asian food, beer, the ywam canteen, at '228' (Rachel's ywam abode) with random people dropping by to say hi. As a last get-together, we went to the Hyatt Regency for its lunch buffet today with Rachel's mother who flew in yesterday after a 30+ hour journey from the US... we ate like kings! Had way too many oysters, prawns, crab legs, stick date pudding etc.

mmm... Rachel enjoying her bubble tea + the '228' resident and Shaeffen the bread thief

Happy Birthday Rachel - 30th June! love ya and have a safe trip back to the US!

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Joe said...

Have a great time at Hillsong! :)