Saturday, June 19, 2004

horrible way to start your Saturdays

Recently I've been realising that every Saturday morning I wake up to horrible music... Last week it was really painful country music from next door. Today, it's my upstairs neighbour with equally bad taste - awful folk started the morning, now it's new age-y gothic type music that just seems to resonate through the whole entire floor! Shudder shudder! It's really creepy sounding. And you thought living in a topnotch environment would mean slightly more sophisticated music listeners! Hmm I think I'll just have to counter it by blasting my own music while I busy myself cleaning the apartment!

Dad left this morning to go back to HK for a week. I'm quite jealous that he's going back. But I'm not jealous of his jam-packed schedule which includes a conference in China!

the riverview from my apartment


ruthjanine said...

hey ann i don't think i've ever been to your neck of the woods. you'll have to come up north sometime and anna and i will venture down south to visit you and the beautiful sites you live around!

annong said...

Yes for sure I'll have to make a trip up to Joondalup and Anna and yourself will have to come visit Claremont!