Monday, June 14, 2004

no chocolate fondue

The HK girls decided to meet up again this Saturday... this time for chocolate fondue in Northbridge (after footy seemed a tedious event to organise). Ruth wanted to check out Room Nineteen - the restaurant that won the Channel 7 My Restaurant Rules competition. Anyway we were a tad slow with the reservations so by the time we tried to make reservations, the place was already booked out. Supposingly all the other restaurants nearby have also newly added fondue in their menus, but as we walked around we didn't see a single restaurant with it on their menus. A little defeated, the posse (Ruth, Rachel, Anna, Sana, Meredith and I) decided to just go to Dome Cafe. We soon forgot that we were on a fondue mission after sighting the glorious display of cakes and coffees. Converations flowed as we sampled carrot cake, chocolate cake, coffees, ciabattini, turkish bread and potato wedges. The outcome - a well spent 3 hours and very satisfied and content cafe customers.

Ruth and Rachel waiting for more food & "...the chocolate cake is not for sharing" - Meredith

Anna just hours away from her 4am work shift & Sana - Rachel's other half of the course

I was supposed to meet a girl named Diana, introduced to be by Bonnie Poon via email, on Friday at the YWAM base but I had celebrate my cousin's birthday. Amidst the bustling conversations, out of the blue, Rachel went, "Ooh, it's Diana who you're supposed to meet". It just so happened that Diana was having coffee with her friends a table away from us. So I finally got to meet the infamous girl!

I finally met Diana!

It was my cousin Jac's birthday on Friday. Gosh I think we cooked up a storm (Justin and Syl got to take back lots of leftovers), we all ate like pigs, and to top it off there was the Baskin & Robbins cookies 'n' cream ice-cream cake... Yum!

Jac (in black) with her sisters & brotherinlaw

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Anna said...

Had such a good time and it was great meeting all the ywam girls!:) hmm...cake....:)

ruthjanine said...

There's that mad photo of me! hehe, i was talking to anna about something silly and you took a photo! aii! But what a great night, we should do it again.... maybe fondue, or go for tradition back at the dome!!!

annong said...

haha Ruth you look really cute in the pic... Yes Ruth and Anna we should do this again some time soon. Fondue or not!