Thursday, December 22, 2005

as christmas nears

BOO: I haven't quite figured out what I'm getting my family this year (there'll be fifteen of us in Perth this year... argh!)... I've been going to the shops for the past couple weeks window shopping and found no inspiration... sigh! Will just have to keep on trying & also try to find a civilised way to shop just days before Christmas.
YAY: I've been helping Clare with painting the set design for the Christmas production, and I have to say it's coming along very nicely. We've been singing merrily along to various Christmas carols and getting into the swing of the festivities ourselves! haha... I've been taking some pictures of the progress, but I won't spoil the fun by posting it before the production actually begins. Looking forward to the Christmas programs this year at church. (For more information about Riverview Church's Christmas programs CLICK HERE.)

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Stef said...

Hey Annong!

Wishing you a merry Christmas! Hope you got all your presents on time, I thankfully did this week :)
Take good care