Thursday, December 29, 2005

the fifty-second week of the year

Week 52 - This week in brief: My brother is back in town. I've been eating a lot of leftovers. Been hanging out with my cousins and my siblings quite a lot this week... it has been lots of fun (ie: playing Risk/ Guesstures/ Articulate, snooker & pool, celebrating my gong-gong's 89th birthday, shopping for my brother's boxing bag, lunch, lunch and more meals, etc.)

My Top Ten Memorable Firsts for 2005: (in no particular order of importance)
1. I completed a graduate diploma in primary education.
2. I got my Ps so I can now drive myself around town. (yes I was a slow learner)
3. Met the most amount of Canadians outside Canada.
4. Had uni friends from my Melbourne days visit me.
5. A family member passed away (my Malaysian grandmother in March).
6. Travelled to Kunming, China and totally loved the city.
7. Developed a curious interest for current HK movies.
8. I taught my first Mandarin lesson.
9. Ate the best sushi ever (in HK with ChibiKimmy).
10. Celebrated Christmas in Perth with my family (bonus my granddad is here too).

There are obviously lots and lots more firsts for me this year but I just decided to list some of them out... and it was good to look back and even give my brain a good squeeze to help remember what actually happened during this amazing, crazy, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, beautiful, and intense year.

And here's a random video of a seal and a polar bear (sent to me from ChibiKimmy)

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