Thursday, December 08, 2005

splendor on the grass

It was the Young Adult's End of Year Bash on Saturday night at the Mosman Park Bowling Club. I had lots of fun making paper lanterns with Jemima during the week for part of the evening's decorations, though it was a bit difficult transporting them to the venue as they were super crushable. I was a little apprehensive about the lanterns burning down, but with the help of some sand (thanks Jemima, Julie and the pots) and strategically plopping them in windless locations, they all survived the evening! As for the actual function - well it was a blast! A bubble machine blew strawberry scented bubbles to welcome the guests, and there were a few fans who headbanged infront of the machine to soak up the bubbles and its ambience. Lawn bowling was the highlight of the evening, and it was great seeing elegantly dressed up men and women sans shoes on the lush lawn bowling. The DJ played awesome music too, so there was lots of dancing! Anyway here are my pictures from the night - below are just a couple but CLICK HERE for all the pics!

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Dave said...

Very, very nice. I must say lawn bowls are a lot harder than what you may another sport