Thursday, July 31, 2008

another month of posts - day thirtyone

I've got good news! I got a six-month extension to my contract! Thank you God! It has been pretty stressful being at work not knowing if they will continue to keep me on... they said they would but it doesn't really matter until it's all been keep into paper. So today the paperwork was officially processed. Phew! It's such a relief... and now I can safely go on my end of year around the world trip without worrying about job hunting.

My cousin and her little son came over from Melbourne for a week-long visit. I got to catch up with her a little tonight... while playing Monopoly - the Disney Pixar version. Oh boy, that game really gets people's blood pumping. I love how when my cousins are together we often end up playing boardgames, mahjong, gin rummy, etc... Gotta love the family bonding through gambling and game tactics.

It's come to a close for the month of posts... I do apologise for the sporadic postings. The week without the internet connection at home really threw the progress out of whack. Looking back at the past month, even though I have been trying to not do too much, there still was quite a bit happening and I had discovered and learned some new things ie making cheesecakes, reignited my interest in Australian film, love the new albums by The Vine Band and Hillsong, I actually like watching the Tour on tv, etc...

Things I'm looking forward to this weekend:
- Going to watch the Wheelcats play.
- The Bledisloe Cup is being played in Auckland.
- Spending time with my Melbournian relatives.
- Feast... the monthly event that church encourages everyone to get involved with by inviting others to share a meal with you... my connect group will be having a feast I mean fiesta!
- Youth on Friday night... gotta love the young generation get passionate for a cause.
- My friends getting married... Mark and Kayi in Wales, and Alison and Drew in Colorado!

received in july - this beautiful japanese tea container from sydney


dpma said...

i love that idea! i'm going to steal it!

i'm going to call it fiesta! yes i am!

congratulations on the extension! you're obviously skilled and wanted!

annettetherocker said...

Well done for the month's worth Ann!