Monday, June 07, 2004

a very HK weekend

This weekend has been just FANTASTIC! I totally thank God for getting me out of my depressing agro whinge fest. I've been very encouraged this week reading The Purpose Driven Life and have been questioning my motives, my reason for being in Perth, my future, my passion and just basically my purpose in life.

Friday evening, I went to the YWAM base in Claisebrook and joined Rachel and her whole entire base for dinner. Then I got a tour of the place; went to visit Rachel's current abode (the self made cubby hole)in a funky cosy warehouse-turned-residence called "228"; and joined the Friday night worship meeting. It was at the worship meeting that I finally met up with Yumi Erikson, (another girl I met in HK whilst she was working at Mother's Choice) who had been doing a course here at YWAM. Although the girl who recently returned from her mission outreach, and had contracted malaria twice during the trip, and lost 7kgs hence became even tinier than I last remembered her, Yumi was still bubbly, vibrant and cute as ever. Thankfully I finally got to catch up with her on the eve of her departure to go back to the US. I really miss that girl.

Yumi and I

Saturday, I met up with Rachel in the city, after grocery shopping and hanging out at my cousin's Subway, we finally met up with Ruth and Anna who graced us for a brief time at the train station. It was so amazing being able to hangout with HK 180 girls in Perth!

Rachel and Ruth

the HK (re)union

It was also a blessing to have been able to fellowship with Rachel over the weekend. We just talked and talked and talked. After the HK reunion, the two of us sauntered towards Chinatown for Vietnamese noodles and bubble tea. Rachel also got to stay over at my place for the night, and got to chat to Dan, Derek, Mark and Nate via MSN audio, an experience she described like "actually hanging out with the HK boys". Seriously though, I felt that God answered my prayers this weekend. I had felt rather disassociated with Perth (being stuck at home all day), and wanted to meet new people, people I could relate with and fellowship with and who weren't my relatives. And I was given an angel - Rachel, who encouraged, inspired and hung out with me all weekend, and also introduced me to numerous people on the YWAM base.


ruthjanine said...

i'm so glad we got to meet up for that short while, and that you feel so much better! after annas exams we'll plan a big do! (plus the footy of course)

Miss Tsang said...


Miss Tsang said...

I look retarded! LOL:)

annong said...

yay footy! and I'm glad I'm feeling much better!