Friday, July 11, 2008

another month of posts - day eleven

I am not able to upload this post directly online as the internet connection at home seems to have collapsed. Do you reckon it may have something to do with the poor electricity circuit around the house? Either way the back end of the house (the section around my bedroom) needs to have an electrician have a look at the circuitry as my bathroom lights don't seem to like the exhaust fan... yes very dodgy. How much do we rely on technology these days... an non-expert will just use electricity without asking how it works and how it's wired around the building etc, and when the electricity shuts off (often unexpectedly) we all freak out and alternative solutions seem so inconvenient... Same applies to the internet, we have (well up until tonight) a wireless system at home, so mom and dad at the other end of the house are able to check stuff online without all the cables poking out and around the place. These days, we switch our computers on and the internet is often automatically connected on... to think back just 10 years ago most of us had to plug in a phone line to a modem for some dial-up action. And the new iPhone came out today in Australia and supposingly there were people lining up outside the shops just to purchase one... this new phone is supposed to have all sorts of funky functions ie camera, 3G connectivity, plays music and videos, acts as a pda, etc... and just 10 years ago, calling people using a mobile phone was kindda a big deal. Oh how things change and how often we now update our technology... if only I knew how to make technology work better and get the internet connection going again...

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