Thursday, July 10, 2008

another month of posts - day ten

Another one of my friends is leaving Perth. I got to know Anna just before I moved to Perth via the 180 forum. Anyway caught up with Anna tonight over dinner, and we reminisced over our friendship. Looking back and now understanding a little more, God really has been control of our lives, and just how much He has blessed my life bringing awesome friends into my life...
- Five years ago moving to Perth was so daunting as I knew no one, yet somehow I managed to find a forum member from Perth and then got her connected with Ruth.
- When I moved over, Ruth and Anna were there for me, introducing me to their church, friends and Subi-ah-co (the butt of all jokes)
- Anna found a home at her local church and I've seen change to become a beautiful and confident woman of God. She's been a real inspiration to me.
- In this five year period, we have both become teachers... and Anna loves teaching so much that she's going to HK to teach.
- There has been much support and encouragement, lots of philosophising, and lots of laughter over food and drink.
- You know there's something more than yourself wanting to move to another city when you feel at peace, and when you start to get excited about moving on and experiencing new things.

Bon voyage Anna. I know God will be providing you with some new and exciting opportunities as you move out of Australia. oxox

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dpma said...

woah.. a month of posts? love it!