Thursday, July 03, 2008

another month of posts - day three

A few more photo updates from June... Seven colleagues and I chipped in and supported the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA on 13 June by wearing purple bras on the outside and raising money by having people sponsor us. Some of my colleagues weren't able to participate on the 13th so they decided to start a day earlier and were strutting the bras around central office on the 12th. I have to admit it felt rather awkward and weird wearing a bra on the outside, having people ask us why we were wearing the bras (making us very self-conscious), walking down to the local pub for lunch in it (yes, it raised an awareness for sure), and not normally a size 14C the experience was a little overwhelming... fyi I did end up wearing the bra till mid afternoon. The boys absolutely loved the experience, a couple of them even got into bra stuffing too. Here are the priceless pics:

And I received the beautiful wedding invitation from Kelly and Pat to join them in November for their Toronto nuptials. I was ecstatic when I discovered that three round blobs at the top of the invite were magnets! Simply ingenious and the caricatures really do look quite like the sweet couple.

And these are some of the plants that are currently in bloom in our garden.

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