Tuesday, July 29, 2008

another month of posts - day twentynine

My gong gong was admitted to the hospital today. He hasn't been feeling all that well for the past few weeks... reckon he had a viral infection, lots and lots of coughing, lack of appetite, the list goes on. Anyway my aunt and uncle came over from Melbourne today coincidentally so they got to visit him at the hospital. Seems like my gong gong is just dehydrated but is also pretty weak at the moment. Hopefully he'll be able to leave the hospital soon. Having him at the Murdoch hospital has brought back memories of little Dominic as that was where he was born just two months ago. Sigh! This thought has been in my mind all evening.... 'Life is so fragile and we are not the ones in control of it.... God is'.

Currently loving:
- monthly curry nights with Jono and crew.
- 'Along With You'... a song off the new Vine album... love Alison's voice in it too.
- colour laser printers.

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