Wednesday, July 16, 2008

another month of posts - day sixteen

Just wondering... Is there a proper way to stay warm in winter? How much heating should one use? Is it justifiable to heat the room until it feels like you're on a tropical island? I reckon it's a pain in the neck to layer on clothes as I usually end up unable to move my arms properly etc... but at the same time I am saving electricity and gas... sigh decisions decisions.

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Anonymous said...

-leggings (by itself or under jeans)
-ugg boots
-and a really good jacket... one with hoodie.

so far i only have invested in one each... 2 of which i shared with my sister in which i'm the main share holder.

seriously though i used to think we're destined to experience winter's cold/pain but recently whenever i'm walking around wrapping myself in the aforementioned items i feel okay.

the rain though, get me sometimes... not good for my ugg boots.