Saturday, July 26, 2008

another month of posts - day twentysix

Christmas in July... it's quite a popular event here in Australia... it's a fantastic reason for people to enjoy each others company whilst eating and drinking... plus much better than doing nothing during winter. My work colleague organised the event at her house and we all brought a dish each and a kris kringle present. There were some of our current project staff and some older ones from last year and their partners, and it was lovely catching up with everyone outside of work. The food was really yummy... everyone's dish was just delicious! Special mention of the brandy butter... woah there was more brandy than butter in that thing! There was a quiz and prizes... man I was rotten with the quiz... found out that I didn't really know too much about Christmas. The kris kringle was great... I scored a LED flashlight (it's super bright! love it) And towards the end of the night, a few of us began a little attached to the tv as the last time trial of the Tour de France was being shown... such dedicated fans. Oh and as I was driving home with Megan and Rohan we saw a fox! woot woot.

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