Sunday, July 13, 2008

another month of posts - day thirteen

Tour de France.... never thought I'd ever watch people cycle, but I have to admit I have been hooked on the Tour this year. Dad and I officially started watching the sport together last year on tv and I have been learning lots about the tactics the riders and teams use to win the different stages. I'm still not 100% percent sure of all the rules and the routes but this sport has definitely got me glued to the television. I'm amazed at how fast these riders can travel... the commentators reckon down certain descents they can be travelling at 120kph and often the average pace is in the mid 50kph and over 100kms per day! It's simply insane! Although I have to say what is up with the winner of the yellow jersey only winning a stuffed animal? At the end of each stage the other winners have little trophies and plaques... weird. Think I need to read up on this a little more...

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