Thursday, July 24, 2008

another month of posts - day twentyfour

My current top five songs: (in no particular order)
- 'Healer' the powerful song written and sung by Mike Guggliemucci in the latest Hillsong album... been bringing tears to be eyes every time I listen to it.
- Cheap Trick - 'If You Want My Love You Got It'... I heard the song sung by Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate) and Triple J's Doctor in the morning show's Like A Version and just loved it... plus the tune was stuck in my head for days after that.
- Sam Sparro - 'Black and Gold'... this disco tune has been airing lots through the radio stations... it is sooooo infectious... And I discovered that this guy is the son of Chris Falson. (This man also has the hottest pair of metallic purple oxfords)
- Flight of the Conchords - 'Business Time'. Those two kiwis make me laugh.
- 'New Soul' by Yael Naim... catchy tune and honest about learning and making mistakes.

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