Monday, July 07, 2008

another month of posts - day seven

The weather has been pretty cold recently but I have been pretty impressed and amazed with the selection of flowers that have been available... some of the spring blossoms have already sprung up and are appearing in the shops like the daffodils (normally a late July/ early August bloomer) and ranunculus. And at home, we received a bouquet of cabbage flowers the other day... they are adorable! I'm not sure if they are the ornamental cabbages or ones you can eat them, but they look incredible. Back to the cold weather... the temperature drop has made me crave hot food and drinks... is it bad to have more than one coffee a day? well more the question of can I justify spending money on more than a coffee a day? have I become hooked onto this magical work kickstarter? (I have a creeping suspicion that the answer is a yes) As I have been dreaming about soups, I have been investigating how to make different soups, reading cooking magazines, surfing cooking websites, tv shows, checking out different restaurants etc... my weak observation: Chinese soups are much more broth-ier than Western-styled soups. I will now have to do some taste testing and some trial and error in the kitchen...

Currently loving:
- 打邊爐 steamboat (don't think I typed the correct characters) but I am loving dipping all my food into the boiling hot broth and eating it with an egg, some 沙茶醬 (satay/sacha sauce), 麻油 (sesame oil), 辣椒 (chilli)
- my electric blanket... mmm toasty

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