Tuesday, July 01, 2008

another month of posts - day one

I have decided to give blogging for another month a shot. I found that it was actually rather stimulating for me to just jot down stuff... and feel free to provide feedback.

Winter has arrived and the reality of just how bitingly cold it can be especially getting up early in the morning getting ready for work, walking out to the main road to wait for the bus, etc has never seemed more confronting. And there's the funny balance of wearing too much and wearing too little.. wear too little and you'll end up catching a cold, but if you wear too much you'll start sweating especially in a stuffy and enclosed space ie on the train plus you'll feel like an encased sausage/michellin man/giant marshmallow. Hmm I digress... I've been really enjoying catching public transport to work recently... I use it 3-4 times at week now. It's been much more economical, fuel, money and time-wise. I'm really liking the fact I get to read to and from work, not have to stop start in traffic; wonder if I'm going to get stuck in a jam to get to work; worry about finding a car park with the lack of parking around my work area; and having to wait in queue then wrangle with the new parking machines which often do not accept money or spit out the ticket meanwhile trying to resolve the ticket obtaining situation as soon as possible as there are another half a dozen fellow agitated-and-disgruntled-with-the-parking-machine customers also awaiting to have a go at wrangling with the bloody machine. I'm also really liking that I get to take in the surroundings as I walk past... I've been intrigued by the deciduous trees changing into their vibrant colours then shedding their leaves... and the beautiful textures and patterns they create as they pile on the ground... simply breathtaking.

sprout playing with the leaves outside church + the tree that captured my attention at the mount lawley golf club

ps: this is my 150th post! wow can't believe this blog has sustained and lasted this long.
pps: labels or no labels? still deciding.

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