Sunday, October 05, 2008

a month of posts - day five

Just dreaming about my trip overseas, and what I would love to eat in Hong Kong:
- curry fish balls on a stick
- siu mai on a stick
- waffles hawker style 雞蛋仔
- wonton noodles with the amazingly alkaline-y noodles
- mango drink from 許留山
- breakfast at a cafe 茶餐廳 ie thick slices of french toast, with the myriad of set meals
- fresh beancurd jelly with rock sugar sprinked on top
- pretty anything from the bakeries, especially the 老婆餅, 雞尾包, and the egg tart 蛋撻

Hmm just typing this list is making me drool... can't wait to taste them! Bring on the food fest!

If there are things I have definitely got to try out in HK, something I won't be able to have in Australia... please write and let me know!

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Anonymous said...

methinks you've more or less got it all there heh. one of the things i crave when i'm filming in china is yeung tzi gum lo 楊支柑露 - i'm not sure whether it's these four characters but should be something like it haha... it's a mango-y dessert with sago bits and pomelo bits and it's gorgeous. the BEST place for it is fat kee 發記 which can be found in sham tseng, cwb & mong kok but you can also find a okay version at 滿記... :D yum yum!