Sunday, October 19, 2008

a month of posts - day nineteen

The warm weather has hit Perth all of a sudden... it was cold a month ago and Spring had just arrived, now boom warm weather... does that mean summer has officially set in? Here are a few clues that the season has changed in Perth:
- David Jones and Myer have already set up their Christmas displays (yes, that includes reindeers, snowflakes, snowmen)
- Shops are starting to sell 2009 calendars... some with very summery hued covers
- Young teenagers start to bring their surfboards/bodyboards into the city
- You start to wonder why the shops are so stuffy... 'what's happened to their air conditioning system'?
- Daylight saving (WA has it's time change next weekend) yay to longer hours of daylight
- Everyone keeps talking about hanging out at the beach
- The insects start to swarm.... especially at dusk... watch out the mozzie repellent will be in action! (I've already copped a mozzie bite on my cheek... sigh!)

some blooms from dad's beloved garden

Currently loving:
- Mose and Nat cooking for us... I ate so much! Mose made his signature pasta with beef and chorizo, plus chilli mussels, and Nat made scallop sambal! The meal was topped out with a passionfruit syrup cake to celebrate our three October babies.

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