Friday, October 17, 2008

a month of posts - day seventeen

The Youth program is back and running for Term 4 after a two week break that seemed much too long at times... Seeing the youth make new friends, discover their own spiritual journey, and having the opportunity to share life and just hear what they've been up to makes me smile. I was rostered today to drive some of the youth from the Cockburn (pronounced 'co-burn') Central campus up to the Burswood campus which hosts the Youth program. Normally there are two or more leaders who drive up with the youth, but there weren't too many of them tonight so I was the sole driver. I was a little anxious at first as some of them can be a bit of a handful at times... but the drive to and from Youth was great fun, the kids were cracking jokes and they made me laugh. They are such an inspiration! I'm getting pumped for summer camp next year! The promo video is extremely enticing... well done milton, clarebear and jess... the hypothermia from the freezing water was worth it!

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- Blue brie and pate... hmm dinner.

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