Monday, October 13, 2008

a month of posts - day thirteen

The weather is warming up. The spring blooms are popping up everywhere... Dad's garden is looking really lush and it's really cute seeing dad all gushy about his precious flowers. I'm gearing up for summer this year, been getting used to the heat by going to circuit training twice a week at lunchtimes under increasingly warm conditions which has been making the sessions so much more unbearable... I've already been bitten by mozzies at dusk, another sign that summer time is approaching. I've even got my SPF handcream ready for driving. Anyway here's an oldie but a goodie... makes me laugh everytime I watch this video (ps: it's not an nz ad - those guys say togs).

Currently loving:
- Planning my Toronto trip with Kel on iChat... ice hockey, catching up with the Capper girls and shopping!!!

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