Thursday, October 02, 2008

a month of posts - day two

Dad was in Hong Kong and China for three weeks in September. Someone gave him a gift box of individually packed 龍鬚糖 dragon beard candy! Dad had no idea what he brought back, just knew it was edible! haha My entire family (except dad) was in awe that 1) omg we had dragon beard candy!!! 2) in Perth 3) they were in small packs like back in the days when we had them in little trays fresh off the vendor stands 4) and tastes even better refrigerated beforehand... Dragon beard candy is a Chinese delicacy/confectionery made of finely spun strands of sugar and has crushed peanuts and sesame in it, and looks like fairy floss a silkworm cocoon. I remember growing up in Hong Kong, every now and then we would spot a vendor who would create this candy from scratch, and we would just stand in front of the stand mesmerised by how it's all done. I reckon it's a dying art form as it's now often made by machines.

me taste testing a dragon beard candy (verdict: yum!)

Currently loving:
- Scrabble on facebook
- receiving good news... I got back home today to find out I had received a letter from my city council inviting me to attend my citizenship ceremony. Slight hiccup however... as I will be out of town on the day of the ceremony. I'll talk to the council about this small glitch, but I'm so grateful that the citizenship application process has gone so smoothly! yippee!

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