Thursday, October 23, 2008

a month of posts - day twentythree

I received my letter from the big boss regarding my job after the restructure yesterday, and I will be moving to a new team. In fact my team is going to be dispersed into three different teams... the changes that will happen! Looking back to the two and a half years I have been in my team, I have learnt so much and have made lots of new friendships. I would have to say we are probably the most united team, the rowdiest and we love to share food and have a good laugh together. I have been really blessed having the opportunity to work in the government from a five-day temp job to fixed-term contracts with the department.... had amazing colleagues who showed and taught me admin skills amongst other skills (including the skill to 'fail')... and a fantastic manager who not only is committed to the work, but who cares for the team members... I've been so blessed. Anyway change, someone everyone gets a little uncomfortable with it... some react stronger than others... it can bring out the insecurity, the unknown, etc. It's so easy to simply say 'let's embrace change!' but in reality it can be so difficult... there's often an inertia I find when I want to change... I want to start in the new role (not sure when I'm moving yet) with a positive attitude, and want to be a valuable asset to the team. God help!

this film is one of my favourites and has been used as a reference between my friends and I on many occasions in relation to work, fashion and relationships

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Anonymous said...

change is good babe :) two and half years is enough to make a job comfortable so change is good. muah. i hope you and your team get used to it and that you guys all stay friends! big hugs and i can't wait to see you in dec!!!