Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a month of posts - day fourteen

After the discussion with my cousins about the things we're going to get up to when in Malaysia... I've been dreaming about the foods...
- the dessert kuehs.. ie kueh lapis, ang ku kueh, kueh onde onde, pulut tai tai
- indian rojak
- fresh guava with sour plum dipping powder
- roti canai
- air limou
- nasi lemak
- the mamak stores
- fresh coconut juice
- durian
- jackfruit
- ais kacang
- teh tarik

Foods I haven't yet tried but have been recommended to try:
- rotiboy
- cupcakes in damansara utama
- what else have I missed and is worth trying???

Currently loving:
- Having lunch out in the sun, away from the freezing cold office!


Anonymous said...

go get some roti tissue
just for the experience

but I'll still take a good serve of roti canai over that :P
and make sure you get yourself some blacker than night hokkien mee,
wanton mee from malacca...
chicken rice balls from malacca...

err and just eat anything indiscriminately without thinking :)

Anonymous said...

fresh guava & sour plum dipping powder!!! I LOVE!!!!!! i'm so glad i managed to get to singapore this year to eat eat eat eat! hk seriously needs some proper m'sian/s'porean restaurants. not just sing jau chau mai cos that's not even really singaporean!!! i'm looking forward to your travel blog babe, and all the food piccies to come :D yayness!~

annong said...

Jerms: thanks for the suggestions... not sure if I'll make it to Malacca this time but that roti tissue looks wicked!!!
Dav: yes I agree singapore noodles is not from singapore! haha i'll definitely be eating it up on my trip :P