Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a month of posts - day twentynine

A group of us at work decided to have a morning tea and do something fun for Halloween. Sure I don't celebrate it, and frankly not too many people in Australia do, but we just thought it would be something different to do. Anyway I had a little look online at the different foods people have been creating for Halloween inspirations (I discovered that there are extreme pumpkin craving designs... even had ones going political) Back in the office at the moment on the cards we've got mini cheezels, blackberry swirl cheesecakes, mud cake and iced arrowroot biscuits... mmm drool.

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Currently loving:
- Surprisingly enjoying the twice a week lunch time circuit training... I have started to take a liking to it... never thought I'd ever say I enjoy exercising... guess never say never.

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