Friday, October 03, 2008

a month of posts - day three

I'm really loving the big wide world we live it... it contains some amazing, some breathtaking and some absolutely wacky stuff. Amidst a good ol' yarn with some of my colleagues, one of them brought up the fact that when she was in Singapore last she had a fish reflexology session... What is that?! It was explained to me that you dip your feet into a tank of water where there are a type of fish that are bred to nibble away dead skin cells, then afterwards you get a reflexology session. Hmm sounds very trippy... The curiosity got the better of me, so I've been checking it out on the web... these fish have been used medically to have control psoriasis... have I been missing out on a new Asian health fad? Have I really been away from Asia that long? I guess it's a win-win situation, the fish get to have a good feed and I can have my feet polished clean. I'll be in Singapore for a day before the end of my big trip, perhaps I'll be persuaded enough to give fish reflexology a whirl (or not).

Currently loving:
- the return of my passport... complete with a new US visa! woot woot! I didn't think it would have arrived that quickly. yay!

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