Saturday, October 25, 2008

a month of posts - day twentyfive

It's Britt-Astid and Stuart's wedding today. I arrived in Melbourne at 5:45am... got whisked back to my friend's place where I conked out for a couple hours before getting ready to attend the wedding. The wedding ceremony was at the Swedish Church... highlighting Asti's scandinavian heritage. The weather was lovely... so lovely in fact that I was actually rather afraid I'd get sunburnt. The reception in the evening was equally lovely... there was a candle lighting ceremony and pre-dinner drinks before a fantastic dinner complete with desserts and wedding cake made by Asti's mom Solveig... and the night was topped off with everyone getting into the dancing!

clockwise from top left: at the swedish church; the newly weds mr and mrs robinson; will and mish blowing bubbles outside the church; mel, andre, judith and ann waiting for the bride to arrive.

Currently loving:
- Catching up with my friends in Melbourne... lots of catching up and good times.

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Unknown said...

cant wait to see you when you come!
yu take the best pics miss anni!