Friday, April 11, 2008

a month of posts - day eleven

It was my team's big moving day today. We had a huge area last year which included over 40 computers/ laptops, desks, lever arch files and other bits and bobs. Today we moved into a much smaller spot. I can't believe the amount of paper that came out of the files and desks, I reckon I have easily filled up more than four wheelie bins full of paper... and there's still more culling to do next week as we can't fit everything from the old area into the new area without looking all cramped. I just can't get over the amount of stuff that has been accumulated over one year. Think that it's just not in human nature to change... yet accumulating things is quite alright?! weird. Anyway it was definitely really interesting to see everyone reluctant to move, only moving at the last minute when the removalists came over to. By 4pm, I was simply pooped out... we had gone back and fourth throughout the entire day carrying boxes and moving them into the new area. Guess it has been very good exercise... but still super tired. My desk has not yet been organised... will need to move that on Monday. It's a challenge!

Random thought: what sort of things can you use/ do with scrap paper? (now that we've cleared that 4 bins full... just curious as to what and how others use scrap paper)
- fold a million and one paper cranes?
- shred it and use it to line the spaces for the pet rabbit?
- make daisy chains?

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