Saturday, April 19, 2008

a month of posts - day nineteen

Adjusting to living in another person's house knowing you will only be there for just over a week is certainly a bit of an adventure. I am currently house sitting a friend's house who only three weeks ago moved into the place and had some major renovations done to it... when I arrived I found myself in faced with lots of boxes yet to be unpacked and paint fumes. Luckily a couple other friends came over on the weekend and helped unpack more stuff and reorganise some of the furniture to make room for lots more livable space. Aside from the minor issues ie fume poisoning (just kidding)... I totally love the place as it overlooks the foreshore so I get to check out the lush grass and lake before the swan river, plus the Perth city scape... pretty spectacular... plus it's much closer to the city.

Anyway here is a list of bare essentials I conjured up as I moved stuff over for the house sitting stint:
- clothes
- toiletries
- fresh food (I decided instant noodles just were not going to cut it)
- books... I'm currently reading Emma
- laptop (but I don't have one.... sigh! so the broadband connection is just sitting there wasting away)
Have I missed out anything?

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