Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a month of posts - day nine

As I was walking to catch my train at Perth train station yesterday, I couldn't help but overhear a passing comment made by three middle-aged ladies (who were probably asking for directions or advice of some sort) to a transit officer. The ladies were obviously satisfied with the response they got from the officer, and in return, one of them said, 'You're a sweetie!' As I continued walking I was just smiling and thinking about the comment, wondering how the guy may have taken that comment... is that a macho compliment? Do guys like being called a sweetie?

That then led me to think of the whole debate about guys wearing the colour pink. Why is pink associated as a 'girlie' colour? Is it because of what the colour often represents (ie babies, barbie, bubblegum, gay pride) that makes it 'un-manly'? I don't know, but I quite like pink (fuschia being my favourite) And I think pink is a very complimentary colour and some guys look great in pink (even look hot), especially dress shirts... well it looks much better than bland blue which often makes one look really pale and pasty. I know some guys who just detest the colour... is it really that bad? It's quite hilarious that there are so many websites, forums etc that have discussions and articles about this topic... is it a really big deal?

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