Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a month of posts - day twentythree

Rats! I knew my office sometimes had visits from little critters, but I did not realise the severity of the issue until I moved over to the new work area. On Monday morning one of my colleagues came into work and stepped on something very sticky, so I went over to her desk to investigate. This investigation did not last long at all. We discovered what my colleague had stepped on was some of the super sticky glue residue from the rodent glue pad traps aka sticky pad. So we had a look around for the trap and low and behold we discovered an overturned sticky pad with a long pink tail peeking out. An animal!!! I could not believe what I was seeing! It was a rat, as only rats would be this size. On second glance, I realised that the rat was still alive as the tail was still moving and curling about. I was absolutely grossed out knowing that there were no sticky pads placed around our work area, hence the rat would have stepped onto the pad and tried to continue to scurry around, only to bump into a chair or a table and get further lodged into the glue, meanwhile trying to continue on the get away journey, and then finally ended up next to my colleague's desk when it could not move any further. It is so distressing. The facilities people came and removed the poor rat from the area. The facilities manager later that day told me that it has become more apparent recently that there is a rodent infestation issue within the building and the pest control company was going to start an intensive course of poison around the vicinity. Anyway today we came into the office and there was a funky waft of something coming from a corner of the room, and the facilities guys found a dead rat. What is going on here? Rats everywhere. This is just craziness!

the sticky pad rat was definitely not like ratatouille

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