Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a month of posts - day sixteen

I've decided I'm going to buy a new camera. Dad's going back to Hong Kong for a few days (meetings, meetings and more meetings), but he said he could get me a camera... yippee. But I'm still deciding whether or not it's better to purchase the camera within Australia... the prices look relatively competitive.... online purchasing that is... Decisions!!! I also have to make my mind up on what to get! Choices! I am looking for a compact digital camera that can just point and shoot.
Here are my choices so far:
- Canon IXUS 80 IS
- Canon IXUS 70
- Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX36
- Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2
- Olympus Tough Lite 850SW


Anonymous said...

FYI i highly recommend canon.. esp the IXUS variety.. great picture quality!

Anonymous said...

I love my Ori! it's a canon ixus 75.. still figuring out whether or not they have a shutter speed function but overall a good one :)

i have a theory that sony's shots look softer (good for people with pimples.. no seriously), canon's shots are sharper with the colors i think.