Friday, April 04, 2008

a month of posts - day four

As I've been looking for new job openings recently, I have discovered that quite a few of my friends are also in the same predicament. It seems more and more prevalent these days that one does not stay in the same career for the rest of their lives, whereas back even 15-20 years ago it was more so the case. These days the life span of a job tend to only be about 3-5 years long. Makes me wonder if we are becoming more dispensable as a work force? Or that the infrastructure within an organisation these days are more temporal as it is constantly under review, and with review, new re-structuring etc? Or we are always reporting and assessing our workflow that we are not getting enough nitty gritty work done? And I guess as an employer, jobs these days are often considered a learning ground, a time for upskilling... then you move on, try new things, expand work experience. But what I find interesting is that we're constantly trying to improve yet it is actually against our nature to desire change. A prime example is my current work place... my team has been told to move out of our area, but we have pretty much been kicking and screaming, ok maybe not that bad, but been pretty resistant with re-locating to a different part of the building. I'm sure my team will be alright after we've moved... but for now we're wallowing in our sorrows by digging into the snake pit (our stash of gummi snakes)

Random thought of the day:
Why does it seem to always rain right after you've washed your car?

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