Saturday, April 12, 2008

a month of posts - day twelve

This is going to be a very short post... a few random thoughts from today's happenings:
- I know I'm getting older when I get really excited about getting carded (tonight when my colleagues and I went to Burswood aka casino for dinner and drinks and I was asked for my ID) Well I think my colleagues were stoked too that one of us got asked! It just makes us all feel that much younger
- Does one really tend to hibernate when the weather gets colder I just have not been successful getting out of bed lately... my doona has been very very toasty (overslept and was late to go shopping with Larissa... I did make up for it by buying lots of stuff)
- Why am I so intolerant of alcohol? (went bright red after a caipirinha tonight)
- Do eye creams really work? (I really hope so... the dark circles underneath my eyes are getting a little out of control)
- Why can you never find what you want when you want them and you end up buying everything else but the item? (Larissa and I were on a lookout for a couple specific items of clothing and we ended up with one item that was specifically what we were looking for, and we ended up purchasing all these other bits and bobs which wasn't the original plan)

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